Q2S Electric

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Feel the adrenaline

Unlike his “little brother”, the Q2S offers you more power and speeds up to incredible 40 km/h (21knots). It takes just over 5 m (16 ft.) to get airborne and start flying. A 5.5 kW state-of-the art engine paired with two 5.2 kWh batteries give you an amazing reach of up to 80 km, making the Q2S one of the most energy efficient watercrafts on the market with average operational costs well below 1 € per hour.

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Technical specification

Length (with outboard) 3532 mm
Length (hull) 2995 mm
Width (with foils) 2593 mm
Height 1276 mm
Total height (with foils) 2085 mm
Total vessel weight 335 kg
Total acceptable load 170 kg
Passenger 2
Max passenger weight 2 x 75 kg
Max baggage weight 20 kg
*   Weight without foils and engine is approx. 270 kg.
** Range depends on different external conditions, such as wind direction and strength, water surface, etc.



Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
Front Alu hydrofoils
Aft Alu hydrofoils
Electric outboard motor QE 3.7 kW
Electric outboard motor QE 5.5 kW
5.2 kWh batteries
10.4 kWh batteries
BMS battery charger
Multi-function steering wheel
Speed and stop control on the steering wheel
Direction of travel on the steering wheel
Interactive color touch screen display
Kill switch with coil lanyard
GPS (position coordinates)
Range Meter
Position lights
Navigation lights
QFHM control system
Manual tilting device
Not available for Q2S Electric
Electric tilting device
Electrical system for lifting and lowering hydrofoils
Base line color seats
Rear-view mirrors
Anti-slip ribbed foot rests
Anti-slip entrance area
Cup holders
Front storage tray
Front tow hook
Aft U-ring mooring
Standard graphic kit (DECALS)
Two life jackets
First aid kit
Collapsible Telescopic Paddle
Rear platform
Pull-out ladder
Transport cover
The vessel is in the process of conformity assessment


There are plenty customatization options available upon request.
Ask your local dealer for more information or contact us.
*** In order to improve the user experience, the manufacturer is constantly enhancing and improving the product, its whole and individual parts or assemblies of the vessel, technical functional properties and safety of the vessel. For these reasons the manufacturer reserves the right to supply a final product to the purchaser, which deviates functionally or visually from the picture featured or the technical data contained in this document
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