Drive AllRounder

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The SipaBoards Cruiser includes:

  • 11′ MSL drop-stitch inflatable standup paddleboard
  • Fully integrated jet engine and built-in compressor – the SipaDrive®
  • Wireless paddle-mount remote
  • Battery pack for the SipaDrive and charging cable
  • Deluxe carrying backpack
  • Board carrying strap
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • 10’ Coiled Safety leash
  • Free Mobile App

Boards will begin shipping in April 2021.

SipaBoards Paddle is not included.

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The All-Rounder is what you need for a fun day on the water. The sun is shining, people are paddling, swimming, splashing one another with water. Paddle out to the deep water and use your SUP as your personal diving board. Paddle back and take your dog for a lap. Repeat all day long.

The strong and sturdy design of the All-Rounder makes it a great board for families, beginners, and those who want to paddle for the fun of it. It’s perfect for all ages and experience levels and is big enough to fit a dog, a child or two, or big cooler for day trips.



The All-rounder Drive offers
The EVA snakeskin foam provides a supreme grip while still offering enough comfort for longer paddling sessions.The SipaDrive® is SipaBoards’ patented and CE certified fully-integrated Paddle Assist System. Designed to offers a safer and enhanced riding experience, it offer additional control over the board and ensures the rider ultimate control in varying paddling conditions. The built in compressor will inflate the board to optimal pressure in 5-7 minutes. Connected to a Bluetooth® remote control that can be mounted onto any paddle, the rider can start the inflation cycle, regulate the speed of their board and turn the LED lights on and off for a unique night time paddle experience.The SipaDrive is powered by 144Wh a battery in a watertight case, offering 1-4 hours hours of operation and pushing the All-rounder to speeds up to 5km/h

Inflated dimensions

Length: 11 feet (3.36 m)
Width: 35.4 inches (90 cm)
Thickness: 6 inches (15 cm)
Volume: 310 l
Weight of board with engine: 14.25 kg
Weight of board without engine: 8.25 kg
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