Mako Slingshot Jetboard

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Mako owners are successful people and are very busy but they value their time when it comes to Mako. They seek adventure on every wave and savor those moments they have worked hard to achieve. Now’s your chance to capture those heart-pounding moments and that joy of surfing Mako style.
Mako Slingshot costs (PRICE) + VAT included. Due to high demand, interested customers are advised to book their place as soon as possible to minimize the wait and be part of the latest trending activity to hit the waters around the globe. From beginners to pros, Majo jetboarding will provide a versatile and exciting experience for those looking for adrenaline and adventure, or just looking to enjoy the moments you’ve worked hard to get. Order and reserve your Mako Slinghsot today.

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Aquamarine Blue, Daytona Yellow, Graphite Grey, Hot Magenta, Phoenix Orange, Sublime Green

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